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Resources for
(a) ADHD and (b) Co-existing Disorders

  Martin L. Kutscher 2002


(a) Resources for ADHD

Internet Resources on ADHD


                    An amazing resource for ADHD and related topics.

                    Great educational programs and on-line learning.

                    See their newsletter below.


Accurate information, and selected links for other sites and books.

Leads patients to everything they need on all out-patient pediatric neurology topics.

Website of the author’s group.


Features wonderful and practical information on ADHD.

Organizational techniques.

Fantastic store for products to help with ADHD.


CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorders)

Excellent, all-inclusive support group with local chapters.


www.ADD.org has extensive information, particularly on Adult ADHD.   Important site!

AD(H)D Sanctuary has excellent links. In particular, see the Resource Page.

 on-line booklet from National Institutes of Health on ADHD


Specializes particularly in girls and women with ADHD. They offer a wide range of excellent books. In particular, see their books UNDERSTANDING GIRLS WITH ADHD, Putting on the Brakes, ADD and the College Student, and Raise Your Child's Social IQ (A social skills program to
help parents help their kids).

ADDitude Magazine

Electronic version of excellent print magazine on ADHD.

ADDed Support Group message board and ConductDisorders.com message boards

Active parent to parent message boards.

www.adda-sr.org  has excellent information.

www.chrisdendy.com  provides a concise summary to help cope with teens with ADHD

Behavioral Treatment of ADHD: An Overview by Dr. David Rabiner.

The Highway Patrol Officer Approach to Discipline helps you realize your child's reaction to your discipline techniques by way of analogy of different ways of getting a speeding ticket!

ADHD: 101 Tips for Teachers

Links on developing an IEP (Individual Educational Plan).


Internet e-mail Newsletters on ADHD (an excellent way to keep reminding yourself of ADHD principles of care)


Newsletter offers practical information on the spectrum of dis-inhibited ADHD behaviors.


Empathically maintained and useful newsletter on ADHD!


David Rabiner, Ph.D. writes a very useful and scientifically sound e-mail newsletter.


ADHD newsletter and extensive source of further links.

Stormwatch Newsletter

Sign up for an upbeat monthly newsletter on ADHD.



Print Books on ADHD



(the paperback version of this ADHD e-BOOK)

With additional chapters, including Medications and Chapter for Kids




Taking Charge of ADHD; Russell Barkley; Guilford Press.

Ground-breaking material on the nature of ADHD and executive functions, from the true thinker in ADHD.

Particularly for associated behavioral, executive problems.

Harder, less optimistic reading. Click to order Taking Charge of ADHD

ADHD and the Nature of Self Control; Russell Barkley; Guilford Press.

More on the theory of ADHD, with some excellent practical advice.

Fairly advanced reading for the average parent.

Click here to order ADHD and the Nature of Self Control

Hyperactive Children: A Handbook for Diagnosis and Treatment; Russell Barkley; Guilford Press.

The scientific and unbelievably extensive literature review of ADHD, underlying Dr. Barkley's concepts.

Quite advanced reading.  Like most medical "handbooks," it barely fits in your hand.


Dr. Thomas Phelan has written a series of truly excellent books on childhood behavior. They are actually fun to read, and extremely useful.  Click on a title to order it:

All about Attention Deficit Disorder is all about ADHD for parents and teachers.

Surviving Your Adolescents: How to Manage and Let Go of Your 13-18 Year Olds is particularly useful for ADHD adolescents, who have a double dose of foresight blindness.  Especially encouraging for ADHDer parents, because this book describes how many families of typical teenagers experience difficulty similar to your ADHD teen--and most of them seem to turn into normal adults.

1-2-3 Magic: Effective Discipline for Children 2-12 is not about ADHD per se, but is an excellent way to learn about "Act, don't yak" discipline for younger children.


Understanding ADHD; Christopher Green and Kit Chee; Fawcett/Columbine.

Addresses serious issues in an upbeat, even funny, style.

A great place to start reading. Click to order Understanding ADHD

Dr. Larry Silver’s Advice to Parents with ADHD; Larry Silver; American Psychiatric Press, Inc. 

Particularly for associated learning disabilities.

Easy reading. Click here to directly order from Amazon.com.

Teenagers with ADD: A Parent’s Guide; Chris A. Ziegler Dendy, Woodbine House.

Optimistic and practical advise for teenagers and others.

Extensive sections on specific problems such as waking up and organization.

Extensive lists of school (and home) accommodations. Click to order

Teaching Kids with ADD and ADHD site and book by Chris Dendy.

Driven to Distraction; Edward M. Hallowell and John J. Ratey, Simon and Schuster. 

An excellent book about ADD in adults and children.

Many parents might find themselves in this book. 

Click here to directly order from Amazon.com.



(b) Resources for Co-morbid Diagnoses (see also our pages on these subjects).


Child Psychiatry Topics

        William Gladden Foundation  has excellent free articles on topics including ADHD, OCD, and anxiety.

Pediatric Psychiatry Pamphlets by Dr. Jim Chandler provides concise, responsible information on a large variety  of conditions including ADHD, ODD, OCD, Tics, Panic, and Bipolar Disorders.

Bigs Place contains excellent links to most all major child neuropsychology topics


Tourette’s Syndrome

Tourette Syndrome Association:  Lists their local chapters at http://www.tsa-usa.org

Tourette Syndrome--Plus  [www.tourettesyndrome.net]

An awesome and practical site on Tourette's OCD, Rage, etc.

www.vh.org/Patients/IHB/Psych/Tourette/Modifications.html has specific school modifications for children with Tourette's.

"Taming the Tiger" is an entire book of accommodations for Tourette’s students, many of which apply to ADHD and LD students as well.


Learning Disabilities

There are many related sites and support groups. Try:

LD on Line [www.ldonline.org] is a superb resource including fair, full text, useful articles. Spend an evening there!

Includes ADD, writing, learning, speech, and social difficulties.

In particlar, see their corner for kids. Bookmark this site!

National Center for Learning Disabilities [ww.ld.org]

Mail: 4156 Library Rd., Pittsburg, PA  1523

Phone: (412) 341-1515

Orton Dyslexia Society

Mail: Chester Bldg, Suite 382, Baltimore, MD 21286

Phone (800) 222-3123


Valuable brief articles covering a wide range of LD and associated problems.

Specific school modifications for children with LD, ADD can be found at www.vh.org/Patients/IHB/Psych/Tourette/Modifications.html


Bipolar Depression

http://www.bpkids.org is a great site on Bipolar Depression.

The Bipolar Child; Demitri and Janice Papolos; Broadway Books.

Excellent diagnostic and treatment resource.

Definitive book on the subject. Click to order The Bipolar Child

The Bipolar Child website at http://www.bipolarchild.com/index.html has excellent information and newsletter.


Asperger's Syndrome

Asperger's Syndrome: A Guide for Parents.  By Tony Attwood.

                    Excellent (brief) diagnostic and treatment resource.

                    Click here to order this book from Amazon.com. 

See also his website at www.TonyAttwood.com  which includes numerous excellent articles and an Asperger's rating scale

Click to order: Asperger Syndrome (The OASIS Guide); Patricia Bashe and Barbara Kirby; Crown Publishers.

                     Another excellent  and complete resource (lengthy), written empathically and fairly.

See also their comprehensive OASIS website/support group which formed the basis for the book.


Books/Links on Other Co-existing Disorders

ADHD with Comorbid Disorders; Steven Pliszka, Caryn Carlson, James Swanson; Guilford Press.

Encyclopedic review of the literature on drug and behavioral treatments.

Intended for professional use.

Your Defiant Child; Russell Barkley; Guilford Press.

For Oppositional/Defiant children by a careful researcher and thinker. Click to order Your Defiant Child.

The Explosive Child; Ross W. Greene; Harper Collins.

A must read for parents of  inflexible-explosive children who do not respond well to typical reward systems.

Wonderfully and empathically written. Click to order The Explosive Child.

The Out-of-Sync Child; Carol Stock Kranowitz; Skylight Press.

Diagnosis and treatment of Sensory Integration disorders.

Makes sense out of a very diffuse topic.  Click to order The Out-of-Sync Child.

Sensory Integration Dysfunction information is understandable and completely described at this site.

Shadow Syndromes; John Ratey and Catherine Johnson; Bantam Books.

Explains that many symptoms such as ADHD, obsessions, rage, autism, etc. can occur at "subsyndromal" levels. Although these quirks--which are biologically based--may not meet standard diagnostic levels, they still need to be addressed.

Empathic writing focuses largely on understanding the problems.

Click to order Shadow Syndromes.

NeuroPsychology Central has excellent links on neuropsychology topics.

Mental Health Links and topics are succinctly covered as part of a great psychiatry site produced by Northern County Psychiatric Associates.



Links to simulations of the auditory experience of ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, OCD, and tics can be found at www.pediatricneurology.com.


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Click if you prefer to read the book in printable format.
(Ideal for family members and teachers, too.)


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